Once we’d finished running trains for the season, the first job was to replace the sleepers on the engine shed points. Here the sleepers are laid out to check sizes and spacing before digging starts
Fitting the new sleepers and lining up the check rail
With most of the new sleepers in place, it was time for a test run to make sure the train rides over the points properly
Sleepers all fitted, and the works gang stand back to admire a good job done
Our next winter job was to continue with the new lineside fence. Unfortunately this large rock was in the way so had to be moved back
The new fence coming on nicely. You can see the old fence collapsed behind it, ready for dismantling
Starting on the tricky section through the trees
The fence squeezed nicely between the trees
Through the trees and we thought we’d have an easy run, but then we hit bedrock, necessitating the hire of a breaker!
Another day with a hired breaker as we had two 1-metre deep holes to dig for the gate posts
And having dug the holes, it was then time to fill them in again!
The section of fence from level crossing to station is now complete. Thanks to everyone who donated to Fund a Fence. Next year we hope to get to the far end of the line, but this is a good job done for now.