Autumn sees plenty of leaves falling, and the regular work of keeping the track and ditches clear
Clearing more drainage ditches
Re-sleepering work continues on the pond loop – this is the last section of major re-sleepering work to do, helped by everyone who donated to our Sponsor-a-Sleeper fund
One of our current major projects – replacing the rotten and collapsed lineside fence
Installing a gate in the new fence for volunteer works access
The old and new fences side by side – the old one was definitely ready for replacement!
The new fence from station to toilet block now complete
On the last work day of 2021 diesel loco Bessie hauls the work train to help clear fallen twigs
The winter storms uprooted about 10 trees at the railway. Here work starts on bringing the large willow safely down
The tunnel straight – plenty of work to do here before trains can run
Winching out the fallen poplar at the tunnel exit
Setting off to collect another load of logs with Bessie and the Heywood wagons as logging train
Loading up the logging train
Clearing soil from the root ball of one of the fallen trees, ready to winch it off the line
Carrying out the all-important pre-season track check
After the pre-season loco and carriage checks, time for a test run of the line