Steam engines return to Thorpe this May, with Mountaineer on loan from a private railway. The loco is an 0-4-0 tender loco and capable of hauling passengers all day. Here are some pics of it been collected, delivered, and gauge trials to make sure she fits our railway and there are no issues that we need to address.

Mountaineer in her siding at home 1
Mountaineer in her siding at home 2
Mountaineer been loaded onto the trailer, pulled by the affectionately-known Mandy the Landy.
Arrival at Thorpe Light Railway after a long trip from her home.
Building the loading ramp for Mountaineer
Gauging trials to make sure she fits, (she’s a big old gal)
Mountaineer all ready for service for the running day May 19th 2009

After the long haul trip of Mountaineer you are welcome to come have a ride on a train pulled by this fine lady. Open Day will be May 19th where we are running 12-4pm.